Core Process Solutions is focused on achieving the lowest processing cost per mg of active cannabinoid ingredient (ACI) in the production of safe and efficacious formulations for medicinal and ​​adult-use markets in the United States and Canada.

Our proprietary and efficient processes include analytical technologies, efficient biomass handling, extraction, purification, formulation and final packaging in delivery mechanisms.

At the center of our process are extraction and purification technologies that are proven, safe, efficient and scalable to achieve lower-cost conversion of raw biomass to cannabinoid oil. Our unique capability to design, develop and rapidly deploy extraction and purification equipment that is fit-for-purpose, gives our partners and us, an advantage over other licensed producers.

C– Carbon Dioxide technology expertise to deliver separation solutions

O– Optimal and green solvent for efficient and safe separations

R– Reliable systems to harness separation technology

R– Economical & efficient processes to achieve lower operating costs

In March of 2020, we are launching our own brand of products that includes infused pre-rolls, pre-filled vape cartridges and infused drinks in the state of Oklahoma.

Our R&D focus is to create sustainable efficient cannabinoid processing by combining robust technologies with sound process development. The process is in continuous evolution with the market conditions, economic and regulatory, to achieve profitable outcomes. Our near-term roadmap includes cGMP operations at our Oklahoma facility.

Core Process Solutions is headquartered in Denton Texas, 40 miles north of Dallas. This central geographical location in the US provides easy access to all major North American cities in under 3 hours, making it an ideal location to manage our expanding operations. Dallas and Houston are also major manufacturing centers for many industries, specifically, oil and gas, which gives access to diversified suppliers and expertise to our supply chain.

Texas’ population continues to grow at an impressive rate and in 2019 was in excess of 30 million with Dallas alone accounting for 9+ million. This represents a tremendous opportunity in the future as Texas moves towards cannabis legalization. Industrial hemp processing regulations are expected to go into effect in 2020 based on 2019 legislation.