Process Solutions

We are processing and separation experts, partnering with licensed producers in the
United States and conducting R & D at our
​flagship facility ​outside of Dallas, Texas.

Core Process Solutions is partnering with licensed producers in the U.S. and Canada to commence, enhance or augment complete “turnkey” manufacturing operations. We offer an attractive, established and proven alternative to a licensed producer, eliminating their requirement to piecemeal manufacturing operations from dozens of vendors, hire consultants and endure a steep employee learning curve.

We offer the following:​

  • Efficient extraction systems customized to your production needs with cost-effective upgrade path to larger capacities.​
  • Standard Operating Procedures from biomass intake to formulation of end products, including cannabinoid concentrates, infused pre-rolls, vape cartridges, sprays and topicals. We have qualified methods, recipes, production equipment and hardware to support all aspects of a manufacturing operation from biomass intake, pre-processing, extraction, purification and formulation, including packaging.
  • Brand for quick roll-out of finished products​

Industry Challenges

Licensed producers and industry in general are driven by “Me too” approach using ad-hoc methodology and disjointed process to produce products. This has pitfalls for the following reasons:

  • Nascent industry has propagated techniques, methodologies and business practices that are incompatible with consumer safety
  • Evolving regulatory landscape – eventually settle on food or pharmaceutical regulations and not on the current subset, unique to cannabis industry
  • Marketplace volatility and economic realities impact investments in building a robust process
  • Losses are substantial when production process is not robust and recovery from batch rejection or failures is impossible


Our CO2 processing technology is scalable, adaptable and robust. A focus on reliable technologies drives our equipment design. This combined with our manufacturing expertise and process knowledge delivers superior cannabinoid separation solutions that will meet current and future regulations for making safe products for consumption.

By concentrating on carbon dioxide technology as a primary extraction technology, we avoid the inevitable strict regulation on the addition of chemical additives to food grade and pharmaceutical products. Then by isolating individual cannabinoids and natural products found in varying cannabis strains, a consistent product can be reconstituted to make stable formulations for medicinal or recreational use.

Operational experience, equipment design and manufacturing expertise translates into competitive advantage in each operational market over other operators who rely solely on equipment vendors and local resources. We can roll-out proprietary solutions and advancements into our facilities to achieve cost advantage and better-quality products.

Continuous R&D, process and equipment optimization and standardized operational framework that complies with changing regulations will be a better insulator against price-compression. We have already delivered cost-effective solutions in mature and high-competition states.