Why CO2


  • Safe and Readily Available – As a by-product of fermentation and other industrial processes, CO2 is widely available and inexpensive in its pure form.
  • Higher diffusivity and lower viscosity compared to traditional solvents – This enables higher mass transfer for efficient and selective extraction.
  • Non-Toxic and Pure – CO2 leaves no residue and doesn’t introduce contaminants; this is crucial for ingestible extracts.
  • Non-flammable – combustion and explosive risk associated with other solvents is a non-factor.
  • Variability – Solvent power can be easily varied through pressure and temperature control.
  • Isolation – Isolating extracted compounds from the extraction medium is readily accomplished by pressure reduction and volatiles can be preserved.
  • Recyclable – CO2 is an easily recycled, environmentally-friendly solvent.